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The alternative to steel rebar

BFRP Rebar is a sustainable, rust proof alternative to traditional steel reinforcement. Comparatively, it’s only 25% of the weight of steel, and has a Specific Tensile Strength that is 2.5 times greater! This equates to enhanced jobsite safety, with significant savings in transportation and handling costs.


​Basalt Rebar is made from volcanic rock and has a coefficient of thermal expansion similar to concrete. This homogeneous behavior reduces the cracking mechanism during extreme temperature fluctuations and or concurrent disparity.

Basalt Rebar is engineered to last for over 100 years and is an excellent choice when considering continuous reinforcement that will never rust or require long-term maintenance costs. Unlike steel or other FRP’s.


Basalt Rebar is completely impervious to attacks from alkali, chemicals or water.

Allowing thinner, lighter panels and decks, Basalt Rebar reduces the thickness and spacing between the rods, concrete and surface. Smaller rods allow for more critical spacing and designs.

Basalt Rebar does not conduct electricity or induce fields when exposed to RF energy thus making it great for MRI or data buildings.

Basalt Rebar reinforcement is perfect for marine environments and chemical plants where corrosion is a continuous concern.

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  1. Properties and Applications of Basalt Fiber Composites

   2. The Influence of Fiber on the 

       Resistance to Chloride-Ion

       Penetration of Concrete

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